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Grauer Star

Grauer Star is German for Katarakt or is it cataract in English? Last August I was in Silsden and had my eyes checked as usual. The optician said I needed stronger lenses, which I got, and that I was starting with cataract/s but it was not urgent.

I booked an appointment with a specialist eye doctor last January. The first available meeting with the doctor was this morning at 10.00 am! I believe it is just as bad in Brexitland. I had never had such checks before and found it very interesting. The bottom line is that I am starting with cataracts but I do not need an operation —– yet! In September I have to book for another check-up next May. Sounds crazy but its true.

I then went to my family doctor to give him a report from a specialist doctor for Neurologie – neurology in English, who recently gave me an examination He was happy with the report for it showed no problems needing medical attention. The final sentence says, ‘there is a possibility of Rhizarthrose’ I have just checked this word and it means disease of the thumb/wrist or joint of the thumb and it is a common hand disorder.

 I think I already have it but it is not so bad. It could all be worse. Keep smiling and keep healthy :-))