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Nice Wine

Yesterday we had changes in the weather but I still kept to my appointments. The day started with cleaning my flat and shopping, then off to Mahlsdorf via the S-Bahn. It is a green suburb in the east of Berlin with some very nice houses and gardens.

I arrived at Eleonora’s home on time. It was nice to see her again and we spent a lot of time looking at a video of Jan-Arancha’s wedding and one of Emma starting to walk and talk. Wonderful images! Of course, we talked a lot about her visits to see the family in Spain and The Netherlands.

As I prepared to leave, she gave me some presents from Jan plus two large bottles of wine from her family vineyards in the north of Hungary. Happy memories of filling up bottles from the barrels many years ago. And so I set off for my next meeting.

That was a 10 minute walk away to reach Mathias and Sylvana’s house. Mathias was celebrating his birthday with family and friends via some very nice food and drinks. Lots of interesting discussions and as the evening advanced I said my goodbyes and headed for the S-Bahn and the way back home. A nice day!