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June 2018 Things

The month started with bad news. I got a call at midday today from Silsden. It was from little sister Frances. She told me that Geoff, her husband, had died yesterday at 3.00 pm in a hospice. He was diagnosed with a severe cancer only five weeks ago. The Docs said an operation was not possible and it was only a question of time before his life came to an end.

He was moved to a hospice and injections helped him to bear the pain. At the end of his life his sons and family were with him. Even sister Pauline drove up from Cambridge to be there and support our sister. It was nice to talk to each of them and pleased that they were together and doing different things to support Frances and each other.

I took this photo this morning on the way to my Oldie Keep Fit Gang. I think we could also say it shows the road of life. It’s for Geoff who enjoyed all the twists and turns on his road and always with a laugh and smile. Thanks Geoff. He and Fran loved dogs and they always had a pair running around the house. Here is a photo of a dog I am sure they would have adopted. Woof, woof  🙂

And so ended a very mixed May 2018. Lots of good, and not so good, things but the weather played a role as we moved into hot summer days and the city and people took on a new appearance. One disadvantage of  having 30°+C is that people wear light summer clothes and you can see some really horrible and tasteless tattoos. Yuk!

Having a quick look at my diary I note the usual things for June except that on Monday I have my first appointment with a specialist eye doctor. I have been diagnosed with cataracts. I may later have to have an operation but lets see what the doctor has to say. On the 21st June I have my first meeting with an Orthopädic doctor. All new for me. It’s all about not being 25 years old anymore!

Who has a birthday in June? Nicholas B. starts the month with a birthday on the 3rd. I’m sure he will have a grill party and a beer or two with Julie and family. They live not far away from Silsden! His daughter will be 21 on the 1st of July but that is for next months report! And that is it for birthdays. Happy Birthday Nicholas!

There are a number of interesting memorial days this month. On the 6th, my iMac will be all of 11 years old. On the 11th we shall be remembering Jürgen who died last year – in Jüterbog. On Thursday 14th I may see more of The Family for it is the end of Ramadam and so they can come to my place and drink fruit juice and munch crisps as per usual! On the 19th I shall be thinking about my father for he would have been 106 and my mother only 100 on that day! On the 25th, Oldie Hermann would have been 81. More memories than birthdays in June!