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I went to Jüterbog yesterday. Let me give my Silsdeners a little more information in case they have forgotten. I have been going to Jüterbog for many years. I used to visit Jürgen and Dieter, have a tasty meal, go to their garden and have a great time.

I reported that Jürgen died early last year and Dieter has been adjusting to life alone ever since. He changed some furniture, paintings and adjusted to life on his own. I like to go to Jüterbog and jump at any chance to get on a train and go there. That’s what I did yesterday.

Down to my local S-Bahn station and got out at Berlin Hauptbahnhof = Main Station = claimed to be the biggest in the EU. Go down three levels to get to platform 8. Wait a bit then get onto a train going to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Jüterbog is the stop before that. Takes about 50 minutes then get into a bus and get out at the Bus Station. Walk 5 minutes to the Market Place next to the Town Hall and you have reached your destination.

Dieter was busy preparing lunch as I knocked on the door. A glass of cold white wine started a delicious meal based on Spargel = Asparagus. It is the season here and I really like it. We caught up on news, including health reports. Well, we are not the youngest anymore! Then onto bicycles and a tour around the town which ended in the garden on the outskirts of the town.

As we relaxed in the garden and sipped a cold beer, I noticed Mr. Bird in a nearby tree. I had to take a photo for I had not seen one wearing glasses before! Interesting things you can find in the south-west of Berlin! Back to the flat for Kaffee und Kuchen then to the bus station to start my journey back home. Everything went well and I arrived home two hours later. Looking forward to my next visit!