Left bed

DVD and Crisps

I got a call from Bro1 last week. He said we had not met for a number of weeks and would like to visit with Bro2. We agreed late Friday morning. They arrived on time – progress at integration! It was nice to see them again and this time with new short haircuts. They looked well.

We started with tea and talk. I got news of The Family including some I didn’t want to hear. Their mother was taken to hospital with chest pains and breathing problems – again. She has since been re-admitted and is in hospital as I write these words. Get well soon Mutti!

The Boys asked to see a DVD. Earlier they had selected about 15 to see. This visit they selected ‘Black Hawk Down’ and settled down to watch it in surround sound. They could hear the helicopters before they could see them and the bullets as well. They like that about my system. Remember that they do not have TV or internet connection where they live.

Of course they were hungry. As they hugged cushions and watched the film they munched their way through crisps, cheese sandwiches, apples, bananas. slices of apple cake and then more crisps. Finally I heard the words, ‘I’m full now.’  I got on with some computer work and just left them to it.

And time for them to return home. I had earlier been given clothes for their sister and mother so I packed them into plastic bags. That morning more clothes had arrived from Holger and Gabi so I packed them. I had recently been given a winter coat. It fitted Bro1 perfectly so I added that.. Here you can see a photo of them starting for home with the bags. Thanks to all who donated.