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Cycle East

Yesterday I met Imre for a day of cycling to the east. I have always liked this area. If you keep going you will get to the  River Odor and the Polish border. A nice area and worth a visit when in Berlin. We had good weather with 25°C and sunshine. We had an easterly wind so that slowed us down a little.

It was also Mothers’ Day yesterday so we saw lots of families enjoying the weather and recreation facilities. The bicycle sections in the S-Bahn trains were full but we managed to get a place and got out at Strausberg Mitte. Again, one of my favourite places to visit. We hit the road and headed east. Of course Imre nearly fell off his bike with laughing at the sign ‘Box To Go’ which I mentioned earlier.

We saw a huge pile of metal pipes in a field. They are for part of a new pipeline to take gas from Russia to Germany. Off again until we got to a restaurant we like. It is half way to our destination. This time it was full of ‘Oldies’ and/or families with Oldies! They had arrived by car and we noted how many of the Oldies had walking problems.

We managed to get a table under a tree rather than inside. Here you can see the place and Imre with his back to the camera. I ordered fish, spargel and boiled potatoes washed down with a glass of Radeberger Pilsner beer. It is my favourite! We hit the road again and cycle through a wonderful landscape. In this photo you can see part of it.

We returned to Strausberg and relaxed in a cafe I always visit when I am in the town. Kaffee und Kuchen were enjoyed before the final leg to the local train station. Back to Berlin where we went our separate ways. A really enjoyable time and I felt much better from just enjoying the fields and trees of the countryside to the east of Berlin.