Left bed


Got a late birthday card yesterday. It came from Ian and Birgit in Ozland. When I opened the envelope I just burst out laughing and suspected the card was chosen by Ian.

 That is exactly his style of humour. I had visitors yesterday and they all liked the card. More about them in a later post.

I have just checked my bicycle and pumped up the tyres. I am meeting Imre in a short time. The weather is sunny with 25°C forecast for the day so Imre called and suggested a bike ride. We shall take the S-Bahn to Strausberg then cycle to Buckow which is to the east of Berlin.

We did the same trip last year and I posted  a report to this blog with photos – one was of Imre staring in disbelief at a restaurant sign saying ‘Box To Go’.

 Have a nice Sunday no matter where you are.