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Special Day

Last Tuesday was a special day for me. Guess why? I woke as normal and got ready to go to the AWO to meet Maria. After that, the Boss asked me to come into her office for a light late breakfast with her and the leader of the Vietnamese group. Very nice!

At midday I met my Tuesday Gang to be greeted by handshakes, hugs and kisses plus sekt and other presents. Here is a photo of us. I had a very relaxed session with them and lots of interesting discussions about birthdays and special ones they remember and why. The seemed to enjoy going down memory lane!

Then back home and over the road to meet an old very dear friend. Yes, a meeting with Marita. Lots of talking over glasses of Sekt. Very relaxing and the time went by quickly until I noted that I had to quickly go to my next meeting. That was with members of my Kowalke Gang. I have talked about them before. See the photo.

I was late but our hostess, Martina, held back the Spargel dish until I arrived. Lots of hugs and kisses and happy greetings before we settled down to a very tasty light meal. In the Berlin-Brandenburg area it is now Spargel time and I really like this vegetable. There are now special Spargel dishes in all restaurants in the area.

What a relaxed time as we munched on the dishes, sipped something nice and talked and talked! I returned home late and added flowers to those given to me earlier in the day. See just one bunch in the photo. I had earlier opened my mail/cards and put them onto the top of a cupboard. See the photo.

 I relaxed in an armchair and watched the clock tick towards midnight as I sipped the last cold glass of sekt and thought about all the wonderful things that had happened on a special day! Thanks to all for cards, presents and best wishes :-))