Left bed


Last Friday was busy. It started with Kerstin and the Movement Oldies, then Stefan and my Photoshop Gang followed by Daniel. He is very busy at the moment preparing for his ‘Abitur’ exams in May. The UK equivalent is ‘A’ Levels. He needs them to get into university next September. He was followed by my visitors.

Dr. Peter von Long-Legs arrived with Stefan von Another-Beer-Please. The latter was in Berlin for the weekend to visit family. He lives in Halle which is some distance south of Berlin. Always nice to see him. They both belong to Jan’s Primary-School-Gang. Yes, they met when they started school in the 1980s and still keep in contact and with others from the same school year. Most are now married and have children but still maintain contact.

Stefan had earlier sent an e-mail saying he/they would drink all the bottles of beer I keep in my fridge for Jan. They drank all 12 bottles in addition to sipping something from Scotland and a brew they brought with them. Not bad – and later they enjoyed Bock Wurst with mustard and bread rolls.

Between eating and drinking we did a lot of talking. Very interesting topics but then they are professional academics so can cover a lot of topics. Stefan’s speciality is environmental protection. I learnt a lot listening to him. And so the clock ticked into the early hours. They left looking very happy and I made a note to buy beers next day for Jan’s next visit!