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Spring has sprung! At last. Blue sky, warm sun and temperature of 22°C. Wow! – I even went shopping without a coat. I was not the only one to venture out without winter clothes. Very nice to share this good news with you after a too long gray, cold winter.

Also pleased to share even more with you. I am always happy to get postcards from family and friends as they gallop around the world. I now have a drawer full of them and enjoy periodic views and re-reading the comments. I got this one from Neil and his better half. They were on holiday in Thessaloniki.

They wrote, “This town really has a lot to offer: A fascinating history, diverse cultures and plenty of lovely places to eat, drink and relax.” I think they said it all. I confess I have not been to mainland Greece. The closest I got was a 2 week holiday in Corfu many years ago. I have also never been to Italy and think it is time I did something about that.

Have fun planning your spring and summer holidays and don’t forget to send me a postcard :-))