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April 2018 Things

It’s the 1st of April and in Berlin, as in many other places, it is part of a national holiday weekend marking the Easter period. I woke late this morning and peered out of the window so see a flurry of snowflakes. More attempts at snowing before the weather settled into dry, cold and gray. This day is also called ‘April Fool’s Day’ in British culture. Traditionally you play jokes on your family and friends and then cry out. ‘April Fool’ when they fall victim to your ‘joke’.

This morning I have been reading a couple of chapters from a book. A teacher of English, who is German, recently got into discussion with me about Islam and Middle East politics. She then brought the book and asked me to read at least the first three chapters. She wants to talk, in English; about the content, which is in German, the next time we meet.

The author is Michael Lüders, a journalist who lived and worked in the middle east for many years. The book title is: “Wer den Wind sät: Was westliche Politik im Orient anrichtet”. In English it means: (He)Who sows the wind: What western politics in the Orient causes/wreaks”. It was published in 2016. It begins with the overthrow of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh’s government in Iran in 1953 by US and British intervention against the nationalisation of what later became BP petrol company. At least I have something more to read in case we get more snow over the holiday!

On a recent visit to a museum I picked up a couple of booklets for tourists in Berlin. They are in English and also available in tourist centres, rail stations and airports. Here you can see them. One contains details of things to do and see in Berlin and the other contains details of walks you can join to/in historical parts of the city. Thought some of you might be interested in case you visit Berlin this summer.

Appointments and meetings in my diary for April look very much like those in March so let’s look at something more interesting. Who has a birthday in April?

Horst starts us off with his 84th celebration on the 4th, but not in Berlin. He will be in Majorca with his wife. They are sure to get a tan! Uli in Berlin celebrates his 71st on the 6th followed by wife Petra on the 8th – but we do not know how old she will be! Daniel B. celebrates his 39th in Australia on the 9th, Dennis in California hits 63 on the 11th and will surely have a party with his wife and sons there. Neil Deane, lecturer and author will be 61 on the 13th and celebrate in Essen – sure to take time off from writing his new book, Matthew Bolton in Yorkshire will be all of 20 on the 14th. My great-nephew Henri L. will celebrate his 8th birthday with his family in the south of England on the 18th. My old business partner Mathias G. will celebrate his 54th on the 19th with his better half in a nice restaurant in Berlin. Peter L., who donates money to The Family, will celebrate his 55th with his partner on the 22nd in a nice small town to the east of Berlin. Birgit F., who advised me about office and financial matters for many years, will be 54 on the 24th and so ends our list of birthdays to celebrate.