Left bed

Weekend Things

The weekend started with snow. Here is a photo of my back garden sleeping in snow. It was also cold so I stayed at home that evening. On Saturday the weather changed to wind and slightly warmer. The snow melted! I did the usual shopping for the weekend after I had finished cleaning.

What did I clean? The bathroom and kitchen floors! First with the vacuum cleaner in all the rooms then onto the balcony to find the cleaning equipment. I filled the bucket with very hot water and lots of liquid cleaner. A small break then new hot water with no additions and again over the floors. The tiles smiled at me for my hard work!

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day so everyone in Ireland celebrated with an extra beer/stout. Irish communities in other countries/cities also held parades, played music, danced and generally had a good time. I bought something for my bathroom that day but nothing to do with St. Patrick. My father was also called Patrick.

Look at the photo and work out what it could be. The window? — er, nooo……the toilet roll holder? —- er, no, there are two but only one in the photo. I provide a service for those who are left handed and those who are  right handed :-))  The plant? — er, no, that’s been there for some time but I did put it into a larger pot on Friday. Okay, so you give up. The answer is the clock! On special offer so I bought one I could see even without my glasses!

This afternoon I am off to a meeting of residents in the housing association where I live. On Monday my McBook laptop will be 10 years old. A pensioner by computer standards. Colin in Oz has his birthday on the same day. On Tuesday afternoon I am meeting my SPD Oldies to visit a local museum to see an exhibition about the DDR in the district where I live.

From there I shall dash to a Berlin Labour Party meeting held in the next district. On Wednesday I am meeting Dr. Peter von LL at an academic conference in the Kirchensaal, Franzosischen Dom in the centre of Berlin. Friday evening offers a chamber music concert to prepare me for a booked out next weekend! Have fun cleaning your floors!