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Oz and Blah

I recently got a nice E-mail from Colin who lives near to Sydney in Australia. This is commonly called Oz or Ozland rather like England is now becoming known as Brexitland!

He said he went on a walk with his walking group and had a visitor from Scotland. They walked from Coogee to South Marouba then around the Malabar headland on a beautiful autumn day in Sydney. He is now in Wangaratha in Victoria to visit friends and test his new ‘wagon’. Thanks for the information Colin and the nice photos. Here is one. I think I have been to this bay/beach. Check out the names in case you plan to travel there this year.

This week is going as usual but I hear more Blah and Blah from native English speakers. All heard on BBC Radio 4 News in the last couple of weeks. Do you understand these comments and what is wrong with them?

He was a scrapbooker/he has been met with enormous success/it professionalises Parliament/ what we are hoping is/ is any of your models/to gain traction in an argument/children in food poverty/ around this marketisation/ what could they get nailed down/ we have to re-empower these communities/ it is absolutely very welcome/ it is an under count/ black folks are over-convicted.

I really wonder where the language is going. For example, we no longer talk about something, we now talk around something.  Now it is time for a nap after lunch. Keep smiling!