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I recently got this from Birgit in Ozland. Many thanks Birgit! I have added the Plain English link to this blog. Go down to the bottom on the left to find it.

Triumph of gobbledygook : UNSW’s grand plan to remake the university, its ‘2025 Strategy’ has been gonged by a world authority — the UK plain English Campaign —whose recipients are recognised for their exemplary use of bad and confusing English.  Here is the winning passage, which valiantly attempts to explain something called a strategic matrix.

“The Strategic Matrix is intended to facilitate the cross-cutting interactions our staff and students are seeking in order to secure the benefits of linking across faculties, schools, divisions, disciplines and other organisational boundaries. The vertical axis — our Schools, Faculties and Divisions. The eight Faculties and Divisions, along with our Canberra campus and the 50 Schools within them form the vertical axis of the UNSW Strategic Matrix. The horizontal axis — our strategic priorities, themes and enablers. The three strategic priorities, which have emerged from the consultation — Academic Excellence, Social Engagement and Global Impact — and the eight themes that sit within them, along with our strategic enablers, form the horizontal axis of our Strategic Matrix.”

I hope that is all clear now :-))  Off to The Philharmonie in a couple of hours to relax with Mahler’s 6th Symphony. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.