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Special Day

Today is International Women’s Day. Congratulations to half of the world population. Still some way to go for many before they can claim equality with men. This afternoon I am meeting a group of SPD members to present red roses to women passing by on their way home or from the local shops. Not the first time I have done this and I really like the look of surprise and pleasure on the faces of recipients.

Here is a photo of a happy young lady. You’ve seen her before with her family on this blog. She came with Papa and Bros1 and 2 last Sunday to my place. I had received a present for her including chocolates but she went straight to the painting book and coloured pencils. She has a real talent for drawing and use of colours.

They brought me a present. A large bowl full of a delicious rice dish. I gave Papa a black jacket I had been given by someone and it fitted him perfectly. A happy Papa! Bro1 had to do some homework and needed my help. When finished, I printed it out and The Bros asked to watch a DVD on my system. Of course, so they settled down on the sofa to watch a film.

Papa and Sis left as the film started. Later I made snacks for The Bros which they ate without taking their eyes off the screen! And so the evening arrived and they left. A nice day for all of us. Since then I have settled into my usual routine plus visited the doctor yesterday. The thumb problem I posted about before. I do not need an operation but have to take two tablets a day and have it checked again in a month. I’m off to the dentist in an hour so shall close by wishing all my female readers a very special and happy day!