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Red Roses

I had a great time this afternoon handing our roses to women to celebrate International Women’s Day. We also distributed a special edition of a magazine written by women appealing to all women to get more involved in politics and make changes that benefit them.

All the women I gave roses to were very happy to take the magazine in addition to the rose. What I really like is when a women pushes a pram or walks with her daughter(s). When that happens I give the women a rose, put one in the pram and chat to her about her daughter. I then give the daughter a rose. What a nice big smile you see!

I could have spent all afternoon handing out roses but the numbers were limited. I took a photo of the gang I was working with. All are members of my local SPD branch and the new Chairperson is on the left of the photo. After that I went two stops on the tram to a computer shop and picked up the new battery for the ‘old’ laptop I told you about in an earlier post. It is now being charged as I type these words. Will test it tomorrow.