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How Smart

How smart are smartphone users? Here is a cartoon of ‘smartphoners’ not looking where they are walking. Thanks to Colin in Ozland for this and the other cartoon about modern smartphone culture.

I think I must be one of the minority of people on this planet without a smartphone. I do not know why people look into these things when they are walking on the street or even driving a vehicle. And I have heard their phones are on 24 hours a day. What about sleeping? Can’t they turn the things off for 8 hours?

Back to the first cartoon. It says a lot about the dangers of using these machines. I often see women pushing prams while looking into a smartphone. I am sure you do as well. The number of times I cringe as they hit other people with the pram and even worse, they do not pay attention when crossing the road. I have no idea what we can do with such people to protect the child in the pram.

In this weather I go out with an old fashioned umbrella under my arm. Now it is not only to keep me dry but to protect me from smartphoners. They do not look where they are going so I have the metal point of my umbrella sticking out from under my left arm. Yes, the smartphoners get the painful point quickly as they crash into it – and not me!

The next cartoon is good. Sitting in the sun for hours and getting a very different tan-line! This cartoon is about the unthinking mass of users who harm no-one but themselves. The first cartoon is about dangerous social behavior and danger to others. How do you use your smartphone?