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March 2018 Things

As we move into another month, it is very cold here. It’s -7°C on my balcony at the moment but at least the sun is shining and there are patches of blue sky. All of Europe seems to be in the grip of a very cold spell at the moment. I note that a lot of snow has hit parts of Brexitland and many public transport services have been suspended.

Later I shall put on some very warm clothes and then venture out to go to a meeting at my local museum. They are monthly and discuss matters such as how to get more people to visit and the kind of exhibitions to show. Tomorrow evening I am going to a meeting of representatives of the housing association where I live. It is really preperation for the big AGM a week later.

Next week I shall be online to take part in the new Labour Germany Branch AGM. It is being held in Cologne but you can participate via internet/computer. On Sunday 11th I am going to the Philharmonie to enjoy a performance of Mahler’s 6th Symphony. Looking forward to that!

The week after hosts my monthly Berlin Labour Party meeting followed next day by my monthly SPD meeting. On the 21st I shall be in the Franzosischen Dom with Dr. Peter to attend an academic conference about the crises of globalisation. The 23rd will see me at a chamber music concert and on the 24th I shall be at a worshop followed by the English Teachers’ Association AGM. These are all in addition to my usual weekly activities. 

I include a photo I recently took of a view  towards the eastern districts of Berlin. In the DDR time, many blocks of flats were built just like these. One advantage is that they have grass and trees around them even if you cannot see this detail in my photo.

Who has a birthday in March? The answer is not many! Colin in Australia will celebrate on the 19th. Dr. Günter P. will celebrate with his family in Berlin on the 22nd. Dr. Bernd W. near Bernau will enjoy another birthday on the 28th and a very special lady called Johanna will celebrate with her family and friends in Berlin on the 31st March. I am sure I shall be there!