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Nice Presents

Last Thursday I met my ‘Kowalke Gang’ at a members home. As you probably know, we meet each month for a meal, a glass of something nice and catching up on news. This time Gerald was not with us. He is still in hospital. Not good :-((

The main dish was a delicious soup. I even had a second helping! One of The Gang gave me a bag with a pair of new shoes for the mother of ‘The Family’ and lots of coloured pens and activities for the daughter plus chocolates for each. You can see them in this photo.

Next day I went my ‘Photoshop Gang’. This time a member of the group said she wanted to give her old laptop to ‘The Family’. What a nice gesture! Stefan then removed all her material before handing it to me. At home later, I opened it and put it onto my wlan. It worked okay! I updated the security system and everything went well – except for one thing.

The laptop said the battery should be replaced. I have had it on charge but it is clear that it should be replaced. I found offers on the internet so that will not be a problem. I shall take it to the computer specialist, who works in my housing association, next Monday afternoon and let him check everything. If all is okay I shall contact The Family for a meeting. They do not know about these presents!

I would like all to be together to share the experience of giving the laptop to Bro1. Although the family is not allowed to have internet access or TV where they live at the moment,  they can go to a public library in the next street and access the internet. This will also help Bro1 with his school homework tasks.

My next job is to find an old laptop for Bro2. And then to find another one for little sister. Can’t wait to see them smile as they get such nice presents! I shall of course share each with you.