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Fourth Ape

Just got this brilliant cartoon from Colin in Ozland. It really says everything about ‘modern values’ and the use of ‘smartphones’. Well done the artist who came up with this idea. Many people are surprised that I do not have one. The answer is simple: Just call me if you have anything to say. A simple mobile/cell phone can do this.

As part of language use I decided to share more ‘Dinglish’. Seems like a relevant link to the use (or not) of language in current smartphone culture. I found them in supermarket adverts that arrive in my post each Saturday morning. Lets start with Lidl and Sale Styles/ Spaghettitop/ Super-Skinny-Jeans/ Fashion-Top. Aldi gives us even more: Flatbread/ Business-Class/Oversize Pullover/ Basic-Shirts/ Comfort Clogs/ Softshell-Jacke/ Wochenend-Hightlights/ Snack-Hits.

Let’s have some more. How about these offers in Real as follows: Cocktailtomaten/ Little Lunch Bio-Erbsen/Citybike Red/Sporttrolley/Jogginghose/Trainingsanzug/Trendsneaker. Not to be outdone, Penny is offering: Bacon Bomb Cheese/Penny To Go Sandwich/Funny Frisch/Sweathose/ Sweatjacke / Fitness-Sandsack and Fitness-Tube-Expander.

If you don’t like any of these offers you can go to Netto for the following: Fairer Handel/Pinky Donut
/Currywurst Snack/Chicken Nuggets/Lovables Waschmittel. Finally my favourites. These are on offer at Edeka: Slow Cooked Pulled Turkey and Slow Cooked Pulled Pork. I wonder who creates such verbal rubbish?