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Er, ya know, like, er I’m like

I have been collecting more verbal rubbish since my last post on the same topic. All came from BBC Radio 4 news reports. These include interviews with politicians, business people and artistic people who you would expect to speak correctly. Alas, that is not the case!

I came cross this nice image on a birthday card so I edited it and shall use it to herald any more posts about verbal rubbish. I have added (m) and (f) to indicate the sex of the speaker. It should show if men utter more rubbish than women. Here goes:

        To walk back a nuclear programme (m)  To better make the case (m). Short-terminism was heavily incentivised (said by Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party- my comment = I am still trying to work out what he wanted to say. Best ways to survive your family (written by Issy Sampson in the Guardian) – my comment = the answer is simple = just kill them all!) )   The tangibility of thinking(f)   Listen back to (f)  Something or some person comes under challenge(f) Work in a pair (f) – my comment = I wonder how the pair will react when I enter them?  A huge long way to go (f) – my comment = how huge is long?  I feel conflicted (m) – my comment = look in your dictionary about conflict.
     Update: Got an invitation to read an article in the FT from Birgit in Oz. It was about current pronoun misuse such as me, myself and I. Seems I am not the only one shuddering at the misuse of English by ‘native’ speakers.