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February 2018 Things

I’m tired of cold grey days. I have never liked winter except when I am on a mountain and skiing down it! The days just seem to drag on and everyone wears black or dark clothes. In the U-S Bahn people look miserable and most just stare into their smartphones.

On the other side of the planet, people are enjoying lots of sun, blue skies and high temperatures. In my next life I shall be a billionaire and follow the sun via my private jet and countless homes aroundthe world. What a nice idea!

Things have settled into routine after the Christmas/New Year break. This evening I am going to a (late) New Year Reception hosted by the SPD in my next district. I got the invitation via the AWO, many of whose workers will also be there. I shall probably sip a glass of sekt while chatting to local MPs, Senators and party leaders.

I have four other political meetings in February, two special birthday party invitations, a neurology doctor appointment in addition to routine things. Like other SPD members I shall be voting on the results of discussions to form a new coalition to form a central government. That result should be interesting !

Who has a birthday in February 2018?
My oldest and closest friend Alan starts us off with his 75th on Saturday 3rd February. Sure to get lots of messages from New Zealand and Ozland on that day as he celebrates in Casland. He shares the day with Imre who will be 63 and celebrate in Berlin. Jens W. will be 48 on the 5th and sure to celebrate with his family at the house on Muggelsee. Big party for Dr I. Pardon on the 18th as we celebrate her 70th. Looking forward to hearing about her recent stay in St. Petersburg. Eleonora hits 59 on the 22nd and Adrian Bridge will celebrate his 58th on London with his family on the 25th. Alan’s son Peter ends the birthday month with his 38th on the 28th February with friends in Australia. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EACH AND ALL NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!!