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New Hair Style

I got a comment in my last post asking why no photo of my new haircut. Actually a couple of other people asked me in addition to this reader via the comment section. Here is the result of ‘The Boyz’ collective work.

When I saw the photo I stared for I thought I was looking at a photo of my father! The older I get the more we look like identical twins. I first noticed this about 30 years ago when I visited him in Silsden. There are a couple of photos of us and the similarities are clear. There is one difference: I am losing my hair from the front but my father was bald by the time he was 27.

Back into routine now. Started teaching my Oldies on Monday and Tuesday. Last night I went to a meeting of Berlin Labour Party. Yes, I am a member! This time we agreed the documents to set up an official branch of Labour International and elected a Committee. A good meeting and I was asked to help organise a round table discussion with the SPD, Linke Party and The Greens planned for mid-May.

This Saturday I am going to a teacher association workshop. After that we are going to a restaurant for a relaxing late lunch with lots of interesting discussions. On Sunday evening I am going to the Junge Kammerphilharmonie Berlin with some of my Muggelsee Gang. The daughter of a couple in the Gang will be playing in the orchestra. Looking forward to that. Hope you also have an interesting weekend!