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Shoes and shoes

I met The Family last Saturday at 10.00 am. We went to a big shopping centre next to an S-Bahn station not too far away from where they live now.  Bro1 was missing. I asked Bro2 where he was and was told he just turned over and went back to sleep when the family were ready to go to the shopping centre. Must be his age!

As regular readers of my blog know, I got some money from Peter and Andre as a Christmas Present for The Family. Bro1 got some nice boots and so the rest met me to find some shoes-boots. We went to three shoe shops in the centre as they took their time to find the right ones. We were lucky to be there when the sale started with 30 or 50% off some products.

This time it was the ladies who did most of the shoe shopping. Sister picked some nice thick dark red boots and some blue shoes. Two for the price of one, Nice! Mother bought some classic black boots and a bag. She found two bags she liked and asked me which one. I picked the one you can see her with. All reduced in the sale.

Then Papa was next. He took even more time but finally found some leather boots, like the ones Bro1 bought earlier. His boots were not in the sale but it was a good purchase. Bro2 didn’t buy anything but I told him to relax and take his time to find what he needs. Then I had to leave them and take the train to a small town east of Berlin to meet friends for a chat and glass of sekt. Very nice day!  Did you buy any boots or shoes?