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Oz Images

Just after Christmas I got an e-mail from a nice couple in Sydney, Australia (Oz/Ozland). They sent me a photo of Balmoral Beach, Sydney. I am sure I have been there and that it is in the north of the city/area. Just image spending Christmas Day on that beach. No scarves, caps, warm coats or gloves – just swimming clothes and a box to keep the beer cool!

Later I got another image from them. It could only happen in Ozland! I wonder if it was real or if someone had changed the words/added the words. Even so, it really made me smile and I thought about Oz culture, including language and how people address each other.

I had two colds over the Christmas holiday period. The second was a chest cold with lots of heavy coughing. Now it is better but I still have coughing bouts. I shall go to the doctor’s next week to look at a lump growing on the thumb of my left hand. I also need medical advice for I have been diagnosed with cataracts (Grauer Star in German). I notice that my vision is deteriorating so an operation before summer is possible.

The main event this week was taking the train to Juterbog. This is a town south-west of Berlin. I visited Dieter for a chat and to enjoy his nice lunch – it was fish and very tasty! It slipped down the throat with the help of a couple of glasses of cool white dry wine! Tomorrow I am meeting my old business partner and his wife to catch up on news and then on Sunday I’m going over the road to enjoy Kaffee und Kuchen with Marita. Next week also looks very quiet. Nice!