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January 2018 Things

So how did you enter the New Year? With lots of happy family and friends I hope. I got some nice e-mails and cards wishing me all the very best. I needed them for I started again with a cold and this time with lots of coughing and chest-throat pains. I’m going to the Docs tomorrow for some medicine. I’m always worried about giving my cold to other people, but that did not stop me from meeting my Kowalke Gang yesterday.

When we met I told them I had another bad cold so we did not greet each other in the normal friendly way. I sat at the table slightly distant from the others! Even so, it was nice to meet again and this time in Martina’s big flat. We started with a glass of Rotkäppchen. This is a very popular sparkling wine here. We toasted all our friends in different parts of the world, particularly Colin in Australia. He is Johanna’s cousin as regular readers will know.

We then sipped something very different and new to my. Imre brought a bottle of rose wine from Hungary. I have tasted many Hungarian wines and spirits but this one was new to me. Here is a photo. If you see it then buy it. It is certainly a matter of taste on behalf of the drinker. We all liked it. Then we started out evening meal with lots of talk, jokes, comments and relaxation. Here you can see the Kowalke Gang looking very happy!

I was the first to leave for I had to feed and look after Cleo. Who is that? Marita’s cat. Marita is having a few days away so I took over caring for Cleo. A really nice cat who is very independent. You cannot stroke her. You have to wait until she comes to you and then you can stroke her. She always makes me smile. I then crossed the road, entered my flat and got ready for bed. I dozed off as the rest of Berlin set of multiple fireworks, but that didn’t stop me from falling asleep :-))

Who has a birthday in January 2018?
Hannelore will celebrate her 75th near to Nice in the south of France on the 13th with husband Peter. Wish I could be there. I’ve had some really great holidays at their place but that was in summer. Back in Berlin, Harald Porsch will celebrate his 53rd on the 21st with family and friends. Dr. Peter von Long-Legs hits 34 on the 24th and will celebrate in Potsdam. Paul Bateson in Melbourne hits 33 on the 27th and will no doubt celebrate with his son and friends there. Returning to Yorkshire, we find my great-niece Scarlett will be all of 10 years old on the 29th. Sure to be a big party there. My ex-German teacher Frau Fox will celebrate her 77th on the 31st with her husband and family in Berlin.