Left bed

Very Nice Day

I have had a nice day – so far!  I watched an interesting film on the internet last night. I thought I would watch it for 10 minutes then I was hooked and watched it to the end. It was set in Italy in 1980 and was about the unfolding of a short and doomed relationship. The main language was English so I could understand the dialogue. I hit the sack very tired and slept late this morning.

I was awoken by my telephones ringing. I turned over and tried to ignore them. It was Marita calling to wish me a Merry Christmas. I called her back when I had both eyes open and we agreed to meet at my place this afternoon. She had things to do and people to visit but she rang the doorbell at the agreed time.

After seasons greetings we settled down to catch up on news over a bottle of sekt/sparkling wine. It is always interesting to listen to her views on a range of matters and this meeting was no exception. I told her she should write a weekend column for a Berliner newspaper. She just smiled and nodded! We talked about ‘The Family’ and she said she wanted to meet them and see how she could help. A nice offer.

Earlier I had toasted my family and friends around the world at 12.00 noon – as per my tradition. This was done with a glass of cold sekt!  I did this as I opened presents and cards. I love this part of Christmas Day. I get news of family and friends, family stories and photos and for a short time I am part of their lives and family. Here you can see the cards.

In a short time I shall have a shower, put on a suit, warm overcoat, thick scarf, warm gloves and leave for a bus which will take me to a U-Bahn station. There I shall meet Johanna and continue the journey until we reach the Berliner Philharmonie. We shall then settle into our seats and let the music of Beethoven wash over us. Hope you have a wonderful rest of Christmas Day.