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Oz-Wurst and Spoken Rubbish

I recently got this great photo from friends in Sydney. Every time I see it I have to smile! How on earth would someone come up with the idea to convert an old VW van into a mobile kitchen and then add the German words ‘Volkswurst’? Amazing how creative some people are.

Das Volk means The People then add ‘s’ for the possessive and Wurst means Sausage = The People’s Sausage. I wonder if the people who created the van and the product came from Germany. They clearly have founded an interesting business.

Talking of words.   I want to share more Spoken Rubbish with you. I have had some positive comments about  earlier posts where I criticized speaking English rubbish. Here is my latest list and all came from BBC Radio 4 News Reports:

A product company/ a health outcome/ a storm in a filing cabinet/ engaging Parliament ( I wonder if this person married Parliament) / something didn’t quite exist (Now that is an interesting idea for Professors of Maths and Logic) / problemetising/ to memoranise/ creeping normalisation/ the idealisation of formula/ to better monitor/ the high negatives of Trump/ to engage with concerns/ a moment of clarity.  More issues =  to correct an issue/ an issue with snow/ to handle these issues/ put the issues behind him.  I wonder what the speakers wanted to say!