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Sunday Lunch

What did you eat for lunch last Sunday? Were you at home, in a restaurant, with family, with friends or alone? Hope you enjoyed it whatever you had and wherever you were.

I went to Johanna’s nice home for lunch. She decided it was time for the Kowalke Gang to relax and gently enter the Christmas spirit. I spent the whole afternoon sitting at the table with them, sipping nice wines and enjoying interesting conversations. The topics ranged A to Z with lots of humour and laughter.

We of course talked about other people, such as Colin in Australia and how he/they would have enjoyed the lunch. I can hear you asking what we ate. The answer is ‘Donald Duck’s brother’! Here are photos of the table and my plate.

On the plate you can see potatoes and red cabbage. I really like the latter for it is cooked with apples and spices. Very tasty and ideal with ‘Ducky’.  Mmmmhhh I could eat it again when I see the pics!