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December 2017 Things

We are now into the last month of the year. It is cold and some parts of the country have had snow, but not yet in Berlin. My Photoshop Gang meeting was cancelled due to illness and visitors. Stefan called me this morning. The next and last meeting this year will be in two weeks. Now I have more time to update my blog and then relax with my book.

I have a dental appointment on Monday morning. It’s just a check-up. On Wednesday evening I have been invited to a Vernissage. German uses the French work but the Brits say invitation to a preview of an art exhibition. On Friday evening I am going to a local church with Jutta for a choir concert. 
Next Saturday I’m having lunch with my Kowalke Gang before going to Cafe Sybille on the Frankfurter Allee for a presentation by Ines, with musical accompaniment. The topic is Christmas stories from all over the world. She’s a great performer. Next Sunday I am going to the local protestant church for a concert of choir music by Bach. 
The week after includes my local SPD meeting with a Christmas party afterwards. I’m booked in for a meal at the Falckensteinstraße Community Centre where I have my Photoshop course. This time it is a traditional Christmas meal based on slices of goose breast. Next day is training as usual and then we shall all relax for a Christmas party. My contribution is to bring two bottle of sekt = sparkling wine.
The next day, Saturday 16th, I am going to a presentation called Classroom Lifecycles. It at the Cornelsen Publishing House building on Friedrich Straße and hosted by ELTABB. This is the English teachers’ association I co-founded many years ago. After that we are all going to the Christmas Market at nearby Gendermenmarkt for ‘refreshments’. I am sure you can work out what that means!
On the 19th I shall meet my SPD 60+ group to enjoy a session which will include Christmas style ‘Kaffe und Kuchen’. From there I shall go to a cafe in Friedrichshain to meet members of the Berlin Labour Party. I am sure we shall have a glass of something during or after the meeting! Next day I shall be at Lichtenburg Museum to attend a Christmas party.  Things then slowly spiral down to no appointments over Christmas to New Year. I forgot to mention that I shall meet Imre sometime early in the month before he flies to Manila. Also that Jan and family will be here next weekend. 
Who has a birthday in December?
Michael N. hits 53 on the 5th, Stefan from my Photoshop Gang will be 57 on the 7th and celebrate it in Italy. Brother-in-Law Geoff will be one year older in Silsden on the 13th and celebrate with sister Frances there. If you remember, she is one of two people for whom I write this blog. Back to Berlin for Evie who will be all of 10 on the 18th. Julie Bolton near to Silsden will celebrate her 43rd on the 20th, a day she shares with Thomas in Berlin who will be 57 and enjoy it on holiday in Malta. Jonas in Bremen will be ‘an old man of ‘ 21 on the 22nd.   Bro2 will be 17 on the 24th and am sure he will celebrate with his family at my place, just as they did last year. Neil Dickinson hits 71 on the 28th and I’m sure he will celebrate with his family somewhere near Brighton. He shares the day with Stefan Schöneberg who will be all of 34. The very generous Ian Maxwell will be 58 on the 30th and so ends the birthday month. I am sure he will have a party with Birgit and his family in Ozland. I shall have to get The Family together on that day to also celebrate his big day and to say thanks to both for their financial support. PROST and CHEERS to each and all no matter where you are!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!