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Danke Party

What a nice mix of German and English! Danke means thanks and party is international

I went to one yesterday afternoon. It was held at my local AWO. If you remember, this is a German national organisation of local community centres which host and promote social activities.

My AWO supports lots of activities and the party yesterday was to say thanks to all who lead them and provide services. I went last year and really enjoyed it as I did yesterday. The party is based on people meeting up, food, drink and being entertained by the Dance Class and a singer/musician.

The food, dancing and music is ‘multi-cultural’ as are all of the participants. As we started, a German class for Refugees was underway and when it ended they were asked to join the party. It was nice to see the pleasure on their faces as they enjoyed the food and even joined in the dancing!

My week is as per usual. Yesterday evening Daniel came for a session. We worked on a text for a presentation he has to give in English today. It was about robot/machine – human relationships.

On Saturday Neil will be in Berlin so we are meeting up for lunch. I’m sure I shall share more about this with you later. I’m also organising a meeting with Angelika next week. Looking forward to both.