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Another nice present

Last Saturday I told you I went to a town in the east of Berlin to collect lots of presents for ‘The Family’. Bro1 showed off his new winter coat thanks to I&B in Ozland.

We then talked to Bro2 about the same kind of coat for him. It is called a Parka and popular with ‘younger’ gentlemen! He said he didn’t know what style or colour he wanted.

His parents told me that was not new and we should just have to wait until he made up his mind.

I invited The Family to my place for Kaffee und Kuchen last Wednesday. A really nice evening. Bro2 whispered in my ear that he would like a coat like Bro1, but a darker colour.  He and sister were very playful as you can see in a couple of photos.

They left with lots of bags containing clothes, knives, forks, spoons, cutlery, cooking pots and women’s clothes. They were so happy to see all the things and pack them into bags to take home. We agreed to meet next day to buy a Parka for Bro2..

Next day I went to the store and met The Family minus Bro1. Bro2 had already found a coat before I arrived but it was size L. He said he wanted a size M. The salesman called other stores to find out if they had size M. Most said no but could deliver one in three days. I talked to his parents and they said he should get size L for in the near future he would grow and not be smaller!

I liked that logic and nodded my head in agreement. And so Bro2 get a Parka size L to grow into and colour black. Here are a couple of photos of him posing in front of a Christmas tree in the store. Another happy young man thanks to I&B in Ozland. I hope you both can see how happy Boy2 was to get such a nice present. BIG thanks to both of you 🙂