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More Presents

I had a really nice weekend. Yesterday afternoon I went to my AWO for an afternoon of ‘ Day of the Vietnamese Family’ in the company of two nice ladies. How the kids sing and dance and smile is just great and would melt the hardest heart.

I keep remembering a boy at the front of a dance group who had problems remembering the next steps and how he kept looking at others to quickly follow their moves – and all done with a big smile, of course! The music was rather loud but the food and hospitality were first class.

The day before I went with Father and Bros 1 and 2 to Hoppegarten. This is a small town to the east of Berlin and lies in Land Brandenburg. We had been invited to Oldie H’s family house to select things they were giving away. This included clothes, cutlery, cooking pots and pans and a nice radio-DVD player with external loudspeakers. The Boyz went straight for that!

We also had a nice tea break before making the final selections. The Father and Boyz packed seven bags and rucksacks and I had two bags and things in my rucksack. The local S-Bahn station is only a short walk from the house so we managed to carry all the things and take the S-Bahn back to Berlin.

I didn’t have my camera but Father took a few shots with the camera in his smartphone. Here are a couple so you can see how happy Bro1 was with all the presents and showing off his new Parka winter coat. I like the shot of him at the window seat trying to ignore my silly faces :-))

 Papa and Mama are coming to my place on Wednesday afternoon to take what they want from the things I brought back from my first visit. What they don’t want I shall give to a group of refugees who now live near me.

Father only speaks English with me and asked me not to speak German with his sons. He asked me to only speak English for they need to improve their English at school. The Boyz did not smile at hearing Papa’s words spoken in English – but they understood him!