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Smile Time

I saw a lot of smiles yesterday. It started when The Bros arrived late morning for help with school English. I smiled when they took off their hats to show new haircuts. Really nice, particularly Bro2. He said his classmates made fun of the new style but I  told him to ignore them. I told him I liked it so we all smiled again!

First I had to print out three letters of application for Bro2. He is looking for a position as a trainee for a few weeks. Bro1 did this a few weeks ago but was rejected by all he applied to. We are looking for new companies for him. After that, time for Kaffee und Kuchen before attacking the English homework.

They completed all the tasks so I told them to get ready for shopping. They asked why? I told them some nice people had donated money for a winter coat for Bro1. See my third last post.You should have seen the wide smiles on hearing that! Off we went to the department store. I asked if I could take photos and was told it was okay. I was worried that my camera might set off alarms.

Bro1 tried on different sizes and colours. He settled on the one you can see in the photo. A shop assistant said he had chosen the right colour for his age. Dark colours are for older men, he said. More smiles at that. I paid and smiled when I saw Bro1 proudly holding the bag containing the winter coat. His first!

I had to then leave to get ready for an evening of verse and music, so we said our goodbyes. Bro1 still looked happily surprised and asked me to give Big Thanks to Ian and Birgit in Ozland who had made it all possible.  Thanks to both and sent with a wide happy smile from Bro1!