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Last Week

I wonder what your last week was like. Mine was interesting and full of different things. On Monday I went to the AWO as usual and taught my English group.

I then went to a meeting of members of my housing association where a police officer gave advice about Security and Seniors. It was really interesting. I was surprised, and disappointed, to hear what some people do to cheat and steal from seniors in Berlin.

Next day I had my Spanish class then taught two English groups before returning home and meeting Bro2 to help him with English school homework. On Wednesday evening I went to my local SPD meeting. Lots of discussion about the last election and what the party should do to win back voters.

I also got a very nice e-mail from Frau Dr. P. She is teaching in St. Petersburg University. I helped her with the application in English some time ago and told you about it. She is really happy there and having a great time teaching students to use German.

 I used to work with her and have very happy memories of classes at her school. Here is a photo of her posing with a ‘local animal’ and playing an accordion. I look forward to more summer parties in her family garden.

On Thursday I went for Kaffee und Kuchen with a couple of Oldies. Lots of chats as well.  At home later, I turned my computer on to join the first Labour Party Online Meeting in Germany. I am a member of the Berlin branch. An interesting event and I enjoyed meeting many interesting people online and taking part in discussions to expand the organisation.

Friday started with Kerstin and the Oldie Fitness Gang followed by my Photoshop Gang and then an English session with Daniel. The day ended with me watching a friendly football match from Wembley Stadium. Germany against England. The teams were made up of new players. The result was 0:0. I was surprised at how well the new English team played!

Yesterday was spent with The Bros as you can read in my last post. Finally, I picked up more books  to share with friends. Here you can see the eight books for us to read as the winter advances and the snow falls. Happy reading to all who still open books!