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Special Birthday

When someone reaches 18 years of age in many countries they are considered an adult and legally responsible for what they do – or do not do! So is it in Germany. As I moved through my teens, the key birthday was 21. That was when you were legally an adult. When I was 21, I lived in Nottingham, bought myself a nice new blue Ford Anglia and later set out to discover more of the world.

Daniel was 21 last Thursday. He came for help with a presentation in English he has to give. He also had a special wish. To open a very nice looking bottle of ‘something’ I bought in Beijing Airport a number of years ago. He is allowed to be curious for his 21st birthday!

He did just that and sampled the content. I think it was what in English we call, ‘Rice Wine’ although I am sure it is more a spirit than a wine. I found the taste rather strange and cannot put it in the Top Ten of the things I want to drink! Daniel found it okay and even had another glass. I am going to take the rest to my Photoshop Gang for they like tasting new liquids.

I was with that Gang yesterday afternoon. I was pleased to be with them, share conversation and not be alone. Earlier I had been to Oldie Hermann’s funeral. It was a new experience for me in Germany. A small group of elderly people made up of family and friends said their goodbyes to him. I am glad I did not have to go home and sit alone.