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A Good Read

There is a programme on BBC Radio 4 called ‘A Good Read’. I listen when possible and like to hear guest comments on a number of books they are asked to read. This morning I received a book to add to my own version of  ‘A Good Read’. I left the house just as Ms Postie arrived to deliver a letter and a small parcel.

Inside the latter was a book sent by Ian in Ozland. You can read the title and what it is about here. Ian regularly sends me web-links to articles, comments and speeches covering a wide range of topics. One recent one was an article by this academic. Who is he? The blurb tells me he is a social and cultural psychologist, has written two other books and lectures in two universities in the USA.

The book begins with a list of comments by a number of journalists, politicians, commentators and academics all  saying positive things. No surprise there. I am on the last chapter of a book about Edmund Burke so shall move onto the new one as soon as I conclude that book.

Many of my family and friends are religious but are unable to talk about their religious beliefs. They just go through the motions and give money to the church. Hello all of you……how about buying and reading this book? Would be nice to discuss the author’s findings when we next meet.