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Phone Cameras

These days you buy a smartphone, if you have the money and can pay for the monthly connection costs. I am told the new ones have very good and powerful cameras. I have heard some can even challenge the quality of modern reflex cameras.

My mobile is just that. I call it my Un-smart-phone. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera. I tested it yesterday. Why and where? I met The Family just before 4.00pm at the Ring Centre 2 on Frankfurter Allee. Some of my non-Berliner readers might have been there. Ma and Pa came from attending an Integration Course at a nearby college.

Their children joined us shortly after and we had a gallop through a department store. The eldest boy needs a winter coat and we found a nice one but it cost €90. Forget it. I’ll have to see if I can collect the money from my gang of generous donators. He has a birthday just before Christmas so perhaps I can raise the money by then. Even so, he needs it now. It’s getting cold.

I bought a large porcelain teapot which was reduced to €15 – and made in England! We took the U-Bahn to Tierpark near my place. The Bros and Sis then wailed they were hungry and wanted to eat in a Donar Kebab Imbiss there. I agreed and said I would finance it as a present for all to remember Sister’s 9th Birthday.

I have never eaten a Donar Kebab and never will, but that is another story. They tucked in and The Bros were so hungry they ordered another one each. I just had to have a photo of both ‘stuffing their faces’. Sadly I only had the camera in my mobile. The results would never win me a prize, even after I improved the images in my Photoshop programme. There is a limit to what it can do.

After that, they all came to my place. They relaxed and watched Lord of the Rings – Film 1. They have no TV or internet connections where they live so they really enjoyed the evening. I added fruit juice and snacks to the event before I gave sister her birthday presents. They left happy and smiling. What a nice time together.