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Special Anniversary

Hello my Silsdeners and other family members. This post is for you. Perhaps you are also remembering a special person on this special day. Yes, today is the 50th Anniversary of my mother’s death. Death is part of life so lets not hide from that fact. Coming to terms with it is another thing.

She died on the 29th October 1967 at 6.00 pm in Keighley General Hospital. She was only 49. I lived in Nottingham and had visited her the weekend before. I sat with her in the hospital then said our goodbyes. She held me for a long time then looked into my eyes. Nothing was said. Just deep silent eye contact. Then a big kiss and I left. I turned at the door and there was that same look.  She knew but I didn’t. I have never forgotten it.

Writing these words reminds me of the last time I saw Oldie Hermann. I posted about that. I got an interesting response from Neil. He said the same had happened the last time he saw his father. I wonder how many people have experienced that kind of eye contact, but do not talk about it.

 I got news of her death when I was at work and the company told me to go home and prepare to travel north as soon as possible. I did just that. I left home at 16 so hardly saw my family. My mother was the only one to write regularly and so via letters and summer meetings I shared part of her life. I shall not give details here. They remain our secret. And now my Silsdeners you can raise a glass, or cup of tea, to a special person.