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Singing, smashing, tablet and storm

I’ve had a good week even though I got reports of ill health from family and friends. Two meetings with friends in Berlin were cancelled due to health problems. We hope to meet next week. Going back a week to my Photoshop Gang, I got some interesting photos from Stephan who is the leader of the group.

One was of me ‘singing and dancing in the rain’. We were on the south bank of the River Spree, which flows through Berlin. It is near to our communitiy centre. We visit local areas to take photos using old cameras and modern single reflex cameras. We then mix different backgrounds and images using Photoshop to create new pictures. These will go on exhibition next year.

I really like the one of me singing and dancing in the rain. Yes, it did rain! Stefan also made it into an animation and I have added this to the images about my life on the left hand side of my blog. In my last post we met Thorsten, a computer expert who helps people with problems. I showed him a piece of computer equipment designed to allow connections from film/photos to computer. It is old and didn’t work. He laughed and said I could throw it in the rubbish bin.

Rather than do that I attacked it with a hammer and screwdrivers. I wanted to see what was inside. Here is a photo. Now we all know! At my last meeting with Thorsten, we worked on my Samsung Tablet. Actually it is not mine but belongs to Oldie H. I added a keyboard to the other things I added so that Oldie H would find it easier to use. Here is a photo of the Tablet getting bigger and fatter!

Back to my Photoshop Gang. We meet in a community centre and in a recent storm two trees fell onto the roof at the back of the building. Here you can see them. They have now been removed and we can use the computer room again. Round the corner is a nice Italian restaurant. Last Wednesday I met Tom there for lunch.

Tom used to work in my local SPD office and we often met for lunch and a chat. His English is really good and he always likes the chance to use it when we meet. He now works for an IT company around the corner from where I meet my Photoshop Gang. We agreed to meet there every month for lunch and a chat. 

The day before I had a haircut. A new hairdresser and new lady. She thought I needed a cut very short on the sides and longer on top. I agreed. It will take some time for the new style to grow. I’ll keep you informed.  That evening I went to my first meeting of members of The Lichtenberg Museum. I had been invited by ‘The Boss’. I know her as a member of my local SPD.

She thought I could make a contribution to their work hence the invitation. Let’s see if I can. An interesting evening.  And so you have read about the main points of my week. I hope your week was a good one for you.