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Fries Denglisch

In my last post I told you I went to Hauptbahnhof last Saturday. When I left on the south side towards the River Spree I saw a van in the open public space. It was an American GMC from about the end of the 1970s. I stared and reached for my camera. I just had to have a photo.

Here you can see the result. I don’t know if you can read all the ‘Fries Denglish’ so I shall print the words here. At the top of the side of the van are the words, “Come in and fry out.” There are then the following words. “sexy fries, creamy mushroom fries, chilli cheese fries, guacamole fries, Berlin fries”.

The van was closed. Too early for the ‘Fries’ customers. Apparently the owner of the van travels to different places, and not only in Berlin, and then opens the van for business. I wonder why he/she uses ‘Fries Denglisch’. Why not just write it all in German?

Talking of language, I am listening to Radio 4 as I type. I have just heard an American being interviewed. The following came out of his (yes it was a man)  mouth, “to medicalise a disease”. What rubbish! What on earth is he talking about?  I wonder if I can fry a medicalised disease?