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Readers and Mushrooms

Welcome to new readers of my blog. I’ve just looked at the number of ‘Pageviews’ in the last week and discovered there was/were 1 from Portugal, 2 from Brazil and 7 from China. Wow, what a nice surprise! My readers in Russia are missing from the list for last week. Perhaps they’ll visit at the weekend, I’ve had a lot more visits from Ireland and the UK.

Last Friday at Kerstin’s Training for Oldies, they talked a lot about gathering mushrooms and different ways of cooking them. I just listened. I have never collected them for as a child I was always told not to do so because I did not kow which ones were edible. Kerstin’s Oldies seemed to know the difference.

The woods in and around Berlin are full of mushrooms at the moment, as you can see in these photos. I took the photos on my recent bicycle tour. I also want to share another photo with you. It always makes me smile. It is a statue outside a village firestation. At the bottom there is some kind of a dragen breathing fire. Out of this emerges the hosepipe being clutched by the fireman. Just look at his face and you will smile :-))

I’ve had a week of usual activities and meetings. This included a visit to Oldie Hermann last Sunday. I found him not very well at all. The doctor had just visited. Oldie H. stayed in bed during most of my visit. I brought him tea and something to eat to his bedside. The day before I had been to a meeting of representatives of the housing association of which I am a member. Very interesting and it included a bus tour to see many of the properties and planned improvements.

 I’m meeting my Kowalke Gang tomorrow evening. Looking forward to the meal, conversation and something nice in a glass! I’m going on a walk on Saturday and hoping to have a lazy day on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend and mushrooms!