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This Week

The week started with a meeting in my local AWO to discuss starting a new course for Seniors about smartphones and tablets. I went along just to listen. I do not have a smart phone but I do have a tablet. The meeting decided to start a new course next months to help seniors to use these devises. Should be interesting. Later I met my Monday Gang for an English session. They were very good and had clearly not forgotten anything.

On Tuesday I went to the AWO again but this time to meet two friends to start a new course for Spanish for Beginners. More conversation and less grammar. They were all happy about that! I then had my Tuesday Gang for a new English course. Very good work by all. Later I met my SPD Seniors, jumped into a number of cars and drove to a local industrial park.

There we visited a company called Ökotopia. It is a Bio company mainly packing tea and coffee produced in an environmentally friendly way. I really enjoyed the tour and learning about many different kinds of tea. We were all pleasantly surprised to receive a cloth shopping bag containing different kinds of tea and of coffee. Here is a photo.

On Wednesday and Thursday I had a number of local appointments including having a haircut. I note that there is now less to cut! Today I went to my Oldie Keep-Fit Session with Kerstin, then to Stefan and the start of  a new Photoshop Gang session. Later Daniel came for an English lesson and asked for help to make a presentation about The Industrial Revolution he has to give in English at his college next Tuesday. We found the material and prepared his presentation.

I also bought some plants to decorate my balcony during autumn. Here is a photo so you can see what I can see each time I look out of my kitchen door!