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Nice Family

When I was 18, I met a young man called Ian Bolton. He was a lively character with an ‘eye for the girls’. Later I got to know a girl he was ‘courting’ (I wonder if people still use this word?). Her name is Dianne. They later married and had three sons.

We kept in touch after I moved out of the area. On my visits to Silsden over many years I have always visited Dianne and second son. His name is Nicholas. He was always my favourite and I threatened to take him with me every time I visited!

He grew up, started a successful career and always kept in touch. Dianne and Ian’s marriage broke up and Ian moved away. I did not see him much but kept contact to Dianne and Nick. Ian died at the start of this year. Dianne and Nick gave me details of his last days and the funeral. They also said they wanted to see me on my next visit.

A pleasure to oblige. I did just that on my first weekend. Dianne had been ill but it was nice to see her making a successful recovery. We had some interesting talks and she gave me a copy of Ian’s funeral service. Just then the door opened and Nick entered with his wife, Julie. Lots of nice greetings and then they bundled me into their car and off we went to their home.

I had brought them a bottle of gin so we could enjoy a traditional English G&T, which is what we did. They have a daughter, Laura, who studies at Leeds University and was home for the weekend. Son Matthew was working so could not join us. We had a few sips as we sat around and caught up on news. What a happy day. It is always a pleasure to be with the family. The house buzzes with energy and you always feel better when you leave.

I’m going to add a photo of me with Dianne. She will say.’Oh, noooo John’, but I know my family and close friends will be more than happy to see her again – if only on a photo.