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Another Nice Family

On my recent stay in Silsden I had the pleasure to meet nephew Andrew and meet his wife Krystle and her son for the first time. We had earlier communicated per e-mail and telephone. I took the bus over to Ikley and Krystle met me at the station and took me to their nearby house.

There I was met by the sounds of children playing. It was Krystle’s son and Andrew’s daughter from an earlier partnershaft. They went on playing as I gave their parents a present. Guess what? Yes, a bottle of Gin! We quickly added ice, slices of lemon and tonic water. As you can see from the first photo, Andrew and Krystle enjoying sipping the cool liquid!

Lot’s of getting to know you before we set off for an Italian restaurant they both like. Here is a photo of us seated and about to be served. I asked Papa and daughter to snuggle up for a photo and here is the result. I think it is a great pose. Well done both. Certainly one for the album!

After the meal we wandered through the area and they found their favourite ice-cream shop. What a surprise! Here is a photo of three happy people licking ice-cream. Later, Krystle asked me if she could join me on a visit to the family grave and take her son. She said it was part of getting to know the family and finding her roots in a new(ish) country. I agreed.

On my last day, Barbara drove Frances and myself to Ilkley where we met Krystle and her son. We bought red roses to put on the grave and told Krystle more about the family members buried there. They asked questions and it was nice remembering those family members as we answered.

No surprise what we did then. It was my last full day so as usual we all went to Betty’s Tea Room. Krystle really liked the atmosphere and ‘Traditional Tea with Scones, Butter and Strawberry Jam’. Her son liked it too. We dropped them back home and returned to Silsden where I began to pack my bag for the return flights next day.