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Fish ‘n Pie

I’ve had a busy but interesting weekend with weather  typical for the time of year, but now the sun is trying to break through the clouds. I also had time to work on photos for my blog so lets start with two of my favourite things. Yes, you guessed right – Fish ‘n chips and Pork Pies!

In an earlier post I added a photo of a plate of fish ‘n chips. Now you can see where it was and who I was with. In the first photo you can see we were at the Wetherby Whaler. It is en-route from Leeds Airport where I landed and my destination called Silsden.

 It used to be called ‘Harry Ramsden’s Fish ‘n Chip Restaurant’. Many of the older generation still call it that! You can see that I was with nephew Warren, sister Frances, cousin Barbara and brother-in-law Geoffrey. Nice memories of the time together and those tasty fish ‘n chips.

The next photo is of the front window of my favourite pork pie shop. This product is, I believe, unique to England. You can’t find any in Germany and I have never seen any on my travels through the Continent over many years. You can see many products on offer and all made on the premises by the family who own the business in Skipton. This town is about 6 miles north-west of Silsden.

I bought a range of still hot out of the oven pies for us to sample. I also bought a Stand Pie for 7 pounds sterling. You can see this in the hand of my sister with the shop in the background. Opposite the shop is a very old church with a large garden and seats. We sat in the garden and attacked the freshly baked pies. You can see that Frances and Geoff really enjoyed that.

We then had a short walk taking in an Oxfam shop where I bought a biography of Edmund Burke. Some historians call him the father of modern politics. From there we walked on a bit more and I went to a bakers shop before we got into the car for the return journey. It was then that I noticed I had lost my signet ring!

We backtracked and looked everywhere, told the shopkeepers where we had been, and left name and telephone number. I also reported it to the police. So far no trace of it. I feel the loss emotionally and not financially for it was a present from my mother and grandmother. Some people have said they have never known me without that ring on my hand. Alas, no more!