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September 2017 Things

I’m back in Berlin. My brother-in-law drove me to Leeds airport yesterday for the 10.20 flight to Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. It was with KLM again and nothing went according to plan. Nothing new there! The plane left 1 hour and 20 minutes late with no explanation as to why!

My 15.30 flight from Schiphol to Berlin left 1 hour and 30 minutes late. Again, no surprise that there was no explanation, but some passengers did complain to KLM staff. I have decided to put this airline on my ‘Never Again’ list. Guess what I ate in Brexitland?  Yes, some of you are right. The best fish ‘n chips you will find in West Yorkshire. How about these. Mmmmmhh  … very tasty!

I enjoyed seeing family and friends in Brexitland but I did not enjoy the weather. Some of the locals went about in summer clothes. I dressed for autumn/winter and even put on the heating in the house. I  shall post about my adventures there next week. Meanwhile, I am packing my bag for a long weekend near Bremen with Holger and Gabi. More of that later.

Who has a birthday in September? Lynne in Casland starts us off with her 70th on the 1st September. The 6th is shared by Charlotte (26) Nevand (13) and Arancha (33). Andrea will celebrate her 32 birthday on the 8th. Nephew Stephen G. in Cambridge will be 47 on the 22nd, Robert G in Berlin will celebrate his 39th with his family on the 23rd. Sylvana in Berlin will celebrate her 57th with Mathias and family on the 25th. Stephen’s father, Lew G. in Cambridge will celebrate another birthday with my sister P. on the 27th. My old camera friend Sylke in Berlin will be 47 on the 28th followed by my nephew Jefferson who hits 44 on the 29th and ends out birthday month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EACH AND ALL NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE…..CHEERS!!

There are a few days in September of value to me. My dear Birgit G. died from a heart attack and her funeral took place on the 15th September 13 years ago. On the 16th my wonderful cousin Jean died, and I visited the family grave where her ashes are, only a few days ago. On the 30th is the anniversary of my father’s death in 2004 aged 92. He shares that day with my dear Birgit who would have been 65. Special memories for me and still part of my life.