Left bed

Another flight

My bag is almost packed and the taxi ordered to pick me up at 3.30 am (in the middle of the night). Yes, you read correctly! I have to get to Tegel Airport, which is not around the corner, then waste time with security checks and other periods of waiting in queues. I really do NOT like flying these days!

Guess where I am flying to? First to Amsterdam then to Leeds-Bradford. Fran, Geoff and Warren are picking me up at the airport and later I hope to enjoy a large plate of fish ‘n chips with them. I shall be organising details of my stay when I arrive.

It will be interesting to find out how The Brexiters are dealing with their decision and the uncertainty that has followed. I wonder if I can get the owners of the Pork Pie shop in Skipton to move to Berlin and start production here. At least they have one customer!

Please note: I shall not be posting for the next couple of weeks. Enjoy your time with family and friends and I shall return with stories and photos in early September. Have fun!!