Left bed

Moving Home

In my last post I told you I started my holiday in Hungary at the grandparent’s house overlooking Lake Balaton. I included a photo of the house from the side and one from the upper window with a view to the lake.

Later I went to Marcel’s parents house north west of Budapest. You can see it above on the left. It is in a quiet rural area and you need a car to get there. There is a bus service but it is on the main road down a steep hill. Okay for walking down…..hard work walking up it!

The house is still being completed. It was designed as three flats on three floors and the main work is to complete kitchen and bathroom installations then furniture. It should be completed by the start of next year. Papa S. has a lot of work to do.

I also went to the current family home in the northern town of Miscolc. See above right. The parents are slowly moving furniture and things to the new house so the Miscolc house will be sold sometime next year. I have many happy memories of my time there with the family. I enjoyed dozing in the garden then saying goodbye to it on my final day as we set off for the airport and my return flight to Berlin.

In my last post I included photos of the family – except Opa! Here is a shot of him with an award be was given in gratitude for his social work and activities. Pity I did not take a shot of him offering me my breakfast ‘medicine’. What happy memories I have of my time with the family in their homes.