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August 2017 Things

Last month was a strange mixture of things ending, beginning and changes in  the weather. We are now enjoying hot and humid days in Berlin but they are expected to end shortly.

Members of The Family are well and the children are enjoying school holidays with friends. Ma and Pa are busy with German lessons and looking for an affordable flat. Not easy now!

I got a very clear and concise comment about a new word in my last post. Read it. Just click on comments – that’s all. Thanks for the information.

Who has a birthday in August? Shirley in Florida starts us off with her 78th on the 1st August. She shares the day with Christian D in Berlin who will be 23 on that day. Beatrix D  will be 44 on the 6th.  Brother Jerome D. will be 22 on the 8th. French teacher Nicole will be 72 on the 21st and musical Angelika will be 65 on the 25th. Pity I cannot be at the big party near the shores of Muggelsee on that day. My sister Pauline in Cambridge will be 73 on the 26th. I hope to be there to celebrate. Dieter in Jüterbog will be 73 on the 27th. Two people share the 28th. Bernard P. will be 57 on that day and my wonderful ‘son’ Jan will be 34 then. His first birthday to share with his beautiful daughter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to each and all no matter where you are or how you celebrate your big day!